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10 dishes you ought to try when travel to Singgapore

10 famous Singapore food – Crab chillisauce,chicken rice, Ice Kapang… are dishes which you ought to try when visit the zone of cuisine of Lion Island.

1.  Crab chilli sauce

Chilli crab that it is a “ national spirit and substance” dishes of Lion Island.  Many big and solid crabs mingle with the viscous sauce of tomato, chilli, egg. You can see chilli crab in any seafood shop in Siangapore. There is a place that you can visit to enjoy chilli  crab is the zone of cuisine opposite  Mayflower high school, next to MRT Ang Mo Kio station.

Crab chilli sauce

2.  Singapore chicken rice

Singapore chicken rice is really import from Hai Nam island ( China) but a lot of people liked it and it became a ethnic cuisine which are not indispensable in Singapore cuisine. The grains of plump and fragrant rice is cooked by greasy chicken broth with chicken is sliced will bring a unforgettable aftertaste dorvisistors when enjoy it.

Singapore chicken rice

3.  Laska


Laska is a specialityof  Peranakan ( a group of Chinese live in the Strait of Malaca) and it is a enique character in Singapore cuisine. Laska is a mingling of noodle and shrimp, squid, pie with the juice of greasy coconut curry. You should visit Katong cuisine center to enjoy it because herein it is the best delicious in Singapore.

4.  Singapore frog porridge

If you ate Singapore frog porridge one time, you will be unforgettable. It is cooked in clay pot with separate flavour of frog meat, scallion, the pungent of dry and fresh chilli. Specially, frog meat is only processed you order, so it is very fresh and pledged. Let go to Geylang to enjoy it.

5.  Chai tow Kuay

Chai tow kuay is a dish in which rice flour and sliced turnip is fried with ketchup, vegetable, egg and fish sauce, when eating you will taste delicious and greasy. Makansutra next to Marina bay or Newton Food Centre  are places if you want to enjoy it.

6. Grilled ray

Grilled gray is a Malaysia dish but it is cooked following the special formula in Singapore. Fresh ray is mixed sambal sauce that consist of fresh chilli, garlic, shallot, tamarind and belacan, after that it is rolled in banana leaf and fried. The smell good of fried ray with the hot of chilli will make you eat forever.

7. HokkienMee

HokkienMee is a dry fried noodle. It is combine of egg noodle and rice noodle in which they are cooked by seafood broth. It is fry with shrimp,pig grease, create a different from Malaysia dish.

8. Chui Kueh

Chui Kueh is a water rice cake, the surface of it is cover fried hot sauce beet.Themooth and velvety  ofcake is the measure of its quality.

9. Rojak

Rojak is the salad consists of vegetable, pineapple, cucumber, fried cuttle fish, fried soya cake and century egg, it is also covered crushed peanut. You will feel hot and sweet when enjoy it

10.  Ice Kachang

Ice Kachang is a dessert and beverage which you should try when travel to Singapore. Materials inclue crushed ice, red bean and agar.

10 dishes you ought to try when travel to Singgapore by Indochinatravelsite.com